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If you have a new project and aren’t sure of what equipment will best fit your needs, give us a call or an email. We have years of construction and installation experience coupled with a diligent work ethic to get you the best elevator, escalator or moving walk for your particular situation at a reasonable cost. From project concept to final turn over to the customer, CEP will be a responsive partner to your requirements.

  Elevator Project Solutions, Elevator Engineering Solutions

• Elevator Configuration Scheme
    CEP has the features of flexible technical system and diversified optional configuration, which ensures building
    carrier system more optimized, the engineers of CEP seek the best balance between the cost and feature in
    terms of architecture use, aesthetics character, combining visitors flowrate, using habit and inside and outside
    communication environmental parameters, etc. CEP concerns every detail from drive system to control box
    button color.
  • Civil Engineering Project
    CEP also know well the relation between architecture space and value. The civil engineering consultant will
    study the capital construction environment of lift well with foresee-ability and precision and take part in
    architecture planning and construction procession at right time, which can ensure the minimal construction and
    area to satisfy lift configuration so as to obtain more value added space.
  • Elevator Installation Scheme
    While lift system starts into being set up and debugged, the building is often to be put into use. So every detail
    and progress will directly bring the effect to the benefit of developer, real estate managing company and house
    owner. The lift installation project supervision engineers of CEP have nearly 20 years experiences and accurate
    process control of lift production, CEP can install lifts at the most suitable time and accurately master each
    environmental complexity. For many years of practice, dedication and being true to the art of lift system and
    technology, CEP had overcome the challenges of bustling buildings. Furthermore, CEP maintains its integrity in
    providing intelligent solutions and approach for every projects received. Keeping its valued customers to feel
    safe, confident and satisfied to the elevators, escalators and services.
  • Investment Value Assessing of Building Carry System
    The real estate assessing consultants and engineers will conduct investment value analysis for customer’s
    choice, their detailed budget and investment contrast analysis will save expensive capital for customer. The
    more important thing is CEP adapting with building function individuality, which enable the
    real estate to get the largest potential of rising value.
  • Project Service
    Sales engineers, lift space designers, real estate evaluating consultant, lift projects cost accounting experts
    and maintenance engineers form a professional service consulting team to provide comprehensive solution to
    building carry system, when your building is just under planning, the consulting team of CEP will work with you
    side by side, they will give you the most adaptable lift configuration, civil engineering, lift system installation and
    repair & maintenance solution, all these will ensure the optimized cost of lift system.

Elevator Modernization & Maintenance Solutions

Judging from CEP maintenance engineer and technicians, you will find their mature, credible skill and attitude. CEP had promised to every customer, whenever the lift occurs error, its technicians will respond within 60minutes throughout the world. At the same time, real estate managing company will regularly receive the lift operating evaluation report submitted by CEP. According to the life age of its operation, CEP will provide detailed and reliable maintenance and repair scheme, parts alteration and total lift replacing scheme, which ensure the budget in the tern of customer’s benefit. The user can acquire plentiful lift information from our training and other activities. CEP will assist real estate managing company to cultivate community culture and experience the happy mission with the customers.

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